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Why I work with Flow and Reparenting

As children we are all in FLOW. We’re in the limbic brain and theta brainwaves - the same as flow state. We’re fully present and in that beautiful expansive energy.

As adults its much harder to access that state because our conditioning gets in the way - all the stories and limiting beliefs like I’m no good at that, its too hard for me to… or the even sneakier one I don’t want that. These all block our FLOW.

How do you get beyond your conditioning?


This technique allows you to experience what you didn’t have access to in childhood, to break down the ego narratives and reclaim your FLOW state.

We all have access to living beyond our limitations. All is takes is awareness, belief and trust. Those three magic ingredients lead us into a new level of self worth and into FLOW. Imagine a world where we could overcome these mindsets and constantly live in FLOW. That’s a world I would love to see.

I did a simple guide to Reparenting here and I’ll be deep diving into the technique as part of the 21 day programme Manifest Through Flow where we go beyond your conditioning to discover true flow and alignment.

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