Manifest With Flow 

Create In Alignment With Your Soul Purpose
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The world is shifting and collectively we are being invited to discover our pure potential. That is that we are creative beings capable of manifesting anything we desire. 

Never has it been easier to dream and create and yet when we aren’t in full alignment the things we create can feel unfulfilling. Like when we yearn for a job or a relationship or a child and when we reach that milestone we realise it’s not what we expected. 

Manifesting with flow goes beyond our conditioning, beyond our need for validation and beyond the illusion of what we think we ‘should’ want to discover how to create the desires that are in alignment with your soul purpose. That is our birthright and it feels electrifying. There’s nowhere we can’t go when we tap into that source energy. 

Are you being called to step into full alignment? Do you want to experience what it feels like to create with pure flow?

When we create from a state of flow we are aligned with our hearts as well as our minds. We create consciously and our choices raise the vibration of the planet. 

This masterclass series is for those who are ready for a shift into the next level of their spiritual journey and consciously create with unlimited source energy. Are you ready to meet the next version of yourself?  



 Wednesday May 25th at 1230 GMT / 0730 EST

 (includes access to the replay)

Are You Ready To Deep Dive Into
Manifest With Flow?

      YES if you want to

  • Connect to yourself on the deepest level imaginable

  • Understand how to create from a place beyond conditioning

  • Get into action and develop true belief in yourself 

  • Surrender to what is & accept your reality while creating a new one 

  • Tap into your purest intuition and tune into synchronicities

  • See and embody the deeper meaning in your life 

    NO if you:

  • Don’t believe you can create anything you desire

  • Want a regimented systemic one size fits all approach 

  • Are unwilling to try new things and experiment

Dream State

Activating your desires and pleasure centres to cultivate a vision that is aligned with all parts of yourself. Understand how to sustain your flow and develop daily alignment and manifestation techniques. 


 Aligning your subconscious world with your conscious desires. Going beyond your conditioning using Reparenting and establishing a new level of faith in yourself. 


Balancing actions with energetics to find a pure connection to intuition. Using divine manifestation to create from source without the need to control and raise the consciousness of the planet.

Weekly Breakdown
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What's Included
  • A 21 day container with daily access to me throughout

  • Weekly live 2 hour video masterclasses 

  • Group coaching & Q&A in every call

  • Weekly meditations & experiential exercises to take away

  • Permanent access to all recordings and materials
  • Full access to the community

Manifest With Flow is about connecting to your divinity and owning your own power. We all have the ability to access this pure state and in this series we will create it together.

What To Expect (Client Words)

"You empowered me with courage, and the knowledge that I have all the answers if I listen to my innate wisdom. You showed me that it's ok to dream and that in doing so, with a pure heart, you can manifest your dreams into reality."

Laura Warby

"Living in flow is living with absolute trust and knowing it's all going to work out. Now I can easily identify when I'm out of alignment, which is super powerful as I can pivot and choose an easy and more joyful life. I am creating the life I want through working with you”


Lucy Cargill

Coach & Celebrant