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What is Reparenting?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Children are born unconditionally loving themselves and others. It’s only through experience that we learn to doubt ourselves and form an inner critic. Reparenting is about giving yourself what you didn’t experience as a child. It’s opening yourself up to that force of unconditional love.

Reparenting at its essence is about becoming your own parent to yourself. We all have limits on what we believe ourselves capable of doing or being and Reparenting allows us to overcome emotional or mental blocks set in place before we remember.

When we choose to Reparent we are driven by our purest potential, no longer needing to prove ourselves as we know we are enough as we are. We transform our inner critic and tap into our unlimited power. There’s nothing we can’t create from there.

This simple 3 step process of Reparenting below allows you to begin the process of Reparenting.

  1. Awareness. The moment you realise you've been triggered is the moment you step away from the drama. Triggers are implicit memory taking us back to the past which is why we all have different ones. When we begin to get conscious of our triggers and patterns we take back the power and realise we can change ourselves without the need to change others.

  2. Validate. Notice the physical sensations in your body. If possible name the emotion and give yourself permission to feel and be with it. Allow your inner child to begin to unravel whatever got stuck in your body long ago.

  3. Embody Your Ideal Parent. Imagine an unconditionally loving parent asking you what you need. This could be a real person you imagine or a higher power. My first experience of Reparenting was taking Ayahuaska. I had a conversation with a source that felt so unconditionally loving I will never forget it. Then having my daughter physically helped me understand what unconditional love really means and feels like. Whatever you choose remember its asking you what you need from yourself, not from anyone else. Once you find the answer to what you need to feel unconditionally loved, give that to yourself.

Find more on my Instagram page. or check my group programmes or 1-2-1s for a deep dive into how to Reparent yourself.

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