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What is Reparenting?

My first experience of Reparenting was taking Ayahuaska. I had a conversation with a source that felt so unconditionally loving I will never forget it.

I didn’t realise it was my path until I had my daughter. She showed me what unconditional love really means and feels like.

Children are born unconditionally loving themselves and others. It’s only through experience that we learn to doubt ourselves and form an inner critic.

What is Reparenting? It’s giving yourself what you didn’t experience as a child. It’s opening yourself up to that force of unconditional love.

I believe we all deserve that and are now being called to it. The world is only filled with chaos as we are.

When we choose to Reparent we are driven by our purest potential, no longer needing to prove ourselves as we know we are enough as we are. We transform our inner critic and tap into our unlimited power. There’s nothing we can’t create from there.

See below for a simple step guide to Reparenting that you can save and share. Find more on my Instagram page.

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