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Reparenting Podcast

Hosted By Melissa Maouris

I’m Melissa Maouris, a Reparenting coach and in this podcast I’ll be helping you to understand what Reparenting is and how it can radically transform your relationship with yourself.


This ancient tool now backed up by neuroscience enables you to become your own parent in order to go beyond any old mindsets and conditioning.

In this series I'll be delivering solo episodes diving into different aspects of Reparenting, giving you the chance to reflect and discover more about your authentic self whilst increasing your access to your flow state. 

Alongside there are interview episodes with wellness experts where we discover modalities and practises that complement the art of Reparenting. We discuss how they’ve used Reparenting themselves and in their relationships, including their experience of parenting and being parented, as these dynamics form our needs for Reparenting. 

My aim is to support and inspire you, the listener, to better understand yourself through the lens of Reparenting, giving you tools to increase your self-belief and trust in yourself, access more intuition and flow in your life.

Episode Guide

S2: E11: Reparent Your Money Blocks

Do you yearn to change your relationship with money? In this episode you can using the power of Reparenting to get beyond any money blocks you’ve inherited or experienced in your life.


S2: E8: Reparent Your Feminine: Beyond Avoidance & Comparison

Do you find yourself feeling stuck and procrastinating? Would you like to stop comparing yourself to others and people pleasing? In this episode we look at why balancing your internal feminine energy can do just that. With simple Reparenting exercises that can unlock any blocks to your flow.


S2: E5: Reparenting Busyness & Relearning How To Rest

Reparenting is such a powerful tool to update and overwrite outdated stories that we hold within ourselves and in society and one of the biggest ones I come across is how we approach rest and overcoming our constant need to be busy. 

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S2:E2: How To Find Fearlessness with Sophie James

Sophie from Arkana teaches kundalini yoga, and uses coaching and plant medicine integration to help people heal and transform their lives. We discuss developing our self worth and overcoming the fear of being seen. 


S1:E9: Reparent Yourself: In 3 Simple Steps

In the final episode of the series I give you a 3 step Reparenting process to use to navigate triggers and difficulties. I also discuss trauma & epigenetics, the science of ancestral trauma and how to navigate it. 


S2: E9: Listener Q: What do I do when my loved ones don’t understand my self development journey?

This common painful experience often holds up a mirror to our own past and can be overcome using the art of Reparenting. I talk through a simple process and dive into insights that helps anyone in this situation.


S2: E7: Reparent Your Masculine: Beyond Overwhelm & Perfectionism

Would you like to let go of internal pressure and unhealthy expectations on yourself? Do you experience perfectionism and overwhelm? This episode is for you as we look at our internal masculine energy and how to use Reparenting to balance it and experience more flow and ease in yourself.


S2: E4: Using Grief As A Teacher with Tree Carr

Tree is a celebrated author and speaker specialising in lucid dreams, death, altered states of consciousness and psychedelic assisted therapy. In this episode we reframe grief and discuss her own reparenting 



S2:E1: How I Reparented Myself In Birth

After a traumatic first birth I share how I used Reparenting before and during my recent labour. Our birth mirrors our creative process and in this episode I guide you through an exercise that helps to reparent any blocks in yours birth or c 


S1:E8: Authentic Living Through Human Design with Livy

In this episode I’m talking to Human Design Expert Livy Iasonos about this wonderful tool. We discuss overcoming tendencies of overworking and burnout, redefining success and how to listen to your body rather than your mind in making decisions.


S2: E9: Healing the mother wound with Laura Hart Swann

Laura Hart Swann works guiding people across the portals of birth and death and healing the feminine wound. We discuss how she found had to heal her own mother wound, modern birth practises and what the world would look like with women owning their true power.


S2: E6: Reparenting Beyond Toxic Masculinity With Nick Sabine

Nick co-founded the multi-million £ company Resident Advisor and now specialises in mens work as a coach. We discuss the dangers for modern men in society and how to move beyond them with Reparenting.


S2: E3:Reparent Your Inner Child

By far the most popular episode of this podcast so far is on the inner child. In this episode I dive deeper into this topic and look at why connecting and talking to your own inner child has such long lasting effects on how you feel about yourself and the world. 



The new season is here full of solo episodes for you to learn to Reparent yourself and interviews with wellness experts who complement the art of Reparenting. Subscribe to hear them first. 


S1:E7: Reparent Yourself: Mastering Emotions 

How do you really process emotions? In this episode I give you an insight into why its essential, what blocks you are holding with your emotions and a gateway to releasing them.

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S1:E4: Reclaiming Women’s Power Through Matrescence with Jocie Cox

Birthworker Jocie Cox challenges society’s narratives around death, miscarriage, birth and motherhood in this powerful discussion about reclaiming female power.   


S1:E5: Reparent Yourself:

Beyond Your Inherited Stories

In this episode we look at some of the limited stories that you have inherited subconsciously that may be holding you back from your potential and use Reparenting to go beyond them so you can expand your potential. 


S1:E6: Using Coaching For Yourself & Your Children with Alister Gray & Ilaria Nardini

This discussion with the founders of the highly successful coaching training academy Mindful Talent unveils how they've broken down many conventions through their choices after becoming parents and coaches simultaneously. 


S1:E3: Reparent Yourself: Play & Self Care

Play is one of the best ways for us to Reparent ourselves and a gateway to our flow state. In this episode I break down any barriers within yourself to play and self care and offer up insights for how to gain more access to it.


S1:E2: Befriending Your Nervous System With Beth Brissette

This conversation with nervous system coach Beth helps you to better understand & navigate your own nervous system with exercises to help you when triggered and insights into what governs all your life decisions.


S1:E1: Reparent Yourself: The Inner Child

In this first episode I cover what Reparenting is and why we need it, plus discover the history and power of inner child work. I also give you an inner child exercise to transform how you feel about your past, present and future.

About Your Host

Melissa Maouris is a Reparenting coach helping people to transform the relationship they have with themselves. Reparenting is an ancient tool that enables you to become your own parent in order to access more flow state. 

She is the host of the Reparenting podcast and runs a variety of group coaching programmes on Flow & Reparenting. Trained under Dr Shefali in her conscious parenting approach, Melissa has worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine.  


She has mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy. Her workshops and programmes are popular with those that crave clarity and purpose in their lives

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