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Raising Parents Podcast

Hosted By Melissa Maouris

Raising Parents is a podcast that takes a close up look at the current cultural context of parenting and how it radically transforms us.

I’m Melissa Maouris, a Reparenting coach and I’ll be talking to a variety of parents about their own childhoods and perspectives on parenting.

We’ll be uncovering cutting-edge Western science alongside ancient wisdom to give you tools for yourself and the next generation.

My aim is to support and inspire you, the listener, to understand yourself through the lens of parenting and how you were parented, so that we can better appreciate this hugely influential role in our society.

Episode Guide
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Jocie Cox


Episode 1: From Birth To




Beth Brissette

Nervous System Regulation Coach

Episode 2: is my website

@elizabeth.anne_life.alchemy is my Instagram 

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Alister Gray & Ilaria Nardini

Mindful Talent Coaching Academy Founders


About Your Host

Melissa Maouris is an accredited Conscious Parenting Coach, trained by clinical psychologist Dr Shefali (author of best selling books The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family). She helps parents live and thrive in the wisdom that our children are sent to us to help us awaken to our authentic nature and crack open our conditioning. Through teaching clients to Reparent themselves, she has seen them reach their full potential and become truly authentic. Melissa has since mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy, worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. Mentored by best selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsh, Melissa’s intuitive approach is rooted in ancient mystical concepts delivered for the modern age. 


What age children is this suitable for?

This is suitable for mothers with children of any age, also for step mothers and expectant mothers yet to meet their child.

Do you have to talk during the circle? (I'm shy!)

Whatever you feel comfortable with is right. If you prefer to listen and absorb the energy from other mothers that's fine. However for the zoom calls I ask for all cameras to be turned on so we can connect in some way. For every share that happens its beneficial for the whole collective.

What about fathers? 

It's true that men also need help with parenting as their role has also expanded. My Raising Parents programme is open to both sexes and supportive for the whole family. If you'd like to find out more head here.


It Takes A Village Mother's Circle


Raising Parents Coaching Programme

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