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What Were Your Hopes For 2021 & Where Do They Stand Now?

Today is the summer solstice and almost the mid point of the year so a chance to reflect on where it’s brought us.

What were your hopes for this year? Where do they stand now at the midway point?

What have you learnt? What do you wish to create in the last part of the year?

My word for 2021 is CONNECTION. Perhaps an obvious one after the lack of it in 2020 and I couldn’t have predicted for more of the same this year. Yet despite it being a turbulent time both collectively and personally, I do feel more connected.

That’s because connection is more than simply being in the presence of others. It means:

  • having an authentic relationship with ourselves and everyone around us.

  • feeling everything within and being with whatever arises.

  • doing things from a place of inspiration, rather than from a place of conditioning (living intuitively).

How connected to others do you feel currently? That’s usually a mirror of how connected we feel to ourselves. As what we seek in others can only ever truly be found within. Once we connect to ourselves do we feel infinitely more connected to those around us.

In order to feel connected I’ve had to retreat and make space for myself (which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while). I’ve had to sink into the depths of myself and face my shadows. I’ve had to let go of striving and living in the future, that constant pressure to do more and be more (as I wrote about here).

When do you feel the most connected to yourself?

What tools do you use to tune in and discover what’s going on within?

My quest for connection has truly been a continuous unravelling of my authentic self and a profound surrender into my flow. We live in a mind dominant society and so few of us hear the whispers of our intuition, let alone act on them.

Here’s some tips I use to help myself and my clients get more connected:

  1. Spend time alone with no distractions (especially in nature)

  2. Listen deeply to everything inside and out - feel and embrace all emotions equally

  3. Observe your internal narrative rather than engage in it

  4. Ask yourself binary questions (ideally a yes or no) and follow your body’s response (look for a lift in energy and follow the inspiration)

  5. Ask yourself ‘What will make me feel more connected right now in this moment?’ often and relentlessly

Join my virtual Reparent Yourself Workshop on Monday 5th July at 730pm to discover how your conditioning is shaping your current reality and begin to reparent yourself to live authentically. Tickets are £15 and can be bought here.

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