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Flow Alchemy

Use Reparenting To Upgrade your Energetics
& Create Your Vision With Flow
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Would you love to create the vision you desire for yourself with ease and flow?

Do you find yourself unsure what you want or procrastinating on it because it feels too hard?


Do you yearn to get beyond your old patterns to meet the next version of yourself?

Flow Alchemy is the antidote to a world that tells us we need to be in a constant pursuit for more and yet feel empty or exhausted for it.


It's the medicine to patterns like comparison, perfectionism, overwhelm and people pleasing.

It gets beyond your programming and all the stories that you've inherited, beyond the illusion of what you think you ‘should’ want to connect with a deeper sense of purpose. 

Flow Alchemy is about creating your aligned vision with ease and flow, transforming the blocks within you through Reparenting and acting from a place of expansion and possibility. 

In this unique 3 module programme you will:

  • Develop a powerful vision that goes beyond what you think you 'should' have to discover what you truly desire

  • Upgrade the mindsets and emotional blocks standing in the way of your desires using Reparenting

  • Understand and overcome patterns like procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing and self sabotage 

  • Create your aligned vision from a place of ease and flow

  • Improve all your relationships and ability to honour your boundaries  

  • Align your actions with your intuition

  • Develop your self worth and confidence in your capacity

  • Learn powerful reparenting exercises that activate more ease and flow in your life 

Flow Alchemy will help you to

  • Dream and action a vision that feels purposeful and authentic

  • Identify what’s stopping your flow and give you tools to move beyond feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Discover a sense of momentum and creativity that feels expansive and full of possibility 

  • Make time for yourself and your priorities

  • Feel empowered, intentional and trusting

  • Give yourself permission to enjoy life more while increasing your success at the same time 

Dream State

  • Cultivate a purposeful vision 

  • De-conditioning your desires

  • Develop daily practises to move forward with flow



  • Learn powerful Reparenting techniques

  • Overcome limiting patterns and mindsets 

  • Align your internal beliefs to your actions


  • Learn how to strengthen your intuition

  • Understand and unlock your unique blocks to flow

  • Balance your internal masculine and feminine to find true momentum

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What's Included

Self paced programme: £275 or three monthly instalments of £99

  • 3 modules of content to understand your energetics 

  • 11 digestible videos to activate your flow

  • 6 transformative coaching exercises to get beyond your blocks

  • 3 deep dive meditation experiences
  • BONUS reading lessons and worksheets to alchemise

  • Permanent access to all recordings and materials
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Emma Jane Ireland
(Self Development Coach)

"After years of struggling to find my voice, this felt like the biggest breakthrough in being able to live my life in alignment with who I truly am & be able to speak up with confidence & be heard. The reparenting parts of the course were such a release, giving permission to re-write my own narrative. It was truly powerful & with almost immediate effect I could feel a weight lift. It’s like suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle have come together. I’m able to live in my authenticity, truly grateful, abundant & happy. Thank you for sharing this most powerful & supportive work.”

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Sophie Arkana
(Yoga & Meditation Teacher)

"​​When I came onto the course, everything had crumbled at the same time - my health, finances, my relationship and my living situation. Melissa helped to give me motivation and a real purpose and the calls and exercises we did were so powerful. When it came to focusing on what I wanted (stability and safety) I can’t believe how much has unfolded since. By the end of the course I had found my dream place and now I have landed back in the UK I have also now found my dream job! I’m feeling more financially secure and like everything we worked on is coming to fruition. I really want to thank you as I know the work we did together helped me to find strength in myself and courage. I’m truly grateful.”


Beth Brissette 
(Nervous System Coach)

​​"I joined the course to help with growing my business from a place of flow and shifting my money beliefs. Specifically manifesting more money with less work! Having this course helped to embrace my flow mindset and was a great resource for keeping me in alignment and accountable. Because of it I’m leaning in to listen to my intuition more and more. I’m committed to having fun with money and being more playful with it. I’ve shifted so much of my scarcity mindset and I love tapping into your magic and feeling so inspired!"

Words About The Programme

How does the course work?

This is a self paced coursed with my core signature material on Flow & Reparenting which you can't access anywhere else. It is broken down into digestible videos, exercises and meditations designed to be consumed in your own time and at your own pace. The intention is for you to create an aligned and authentic vision with flow using Reparenting to get beyond the subconscious blocks within you. 

Is there an option to join a live call or be coached?

This course is available to anyone that signs up for my one to one coaching programmes. There is a deep dive group coaching container on these topics that is available soon and you can join the waiting list here.

I can't afford it right now. Do you have any options?
The cost is £275 which can be paid upfront or in instalments over 3 months (at £99). I do offer limited discounted and sponsored places for those that are on financial support or with limited resources so please do get in touch if that's you.

What are the next steps?
If you're ready now sign up to the programme via the link below and I'll send you details to get started. If you have more questions do get in touch below and we can also jump on a call if needed. 

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