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Finding Your Superpowers With Reparenting

What are the things you’ve been most afraid of in your life?

I remember being terrified of public speaking. Even when I trained to be a coach it was my nemesis. 

It wasn’t until I uncovered the mindsets and emotional blocks holding me back that I could learn to enjoy it. I used Reparenting and inner child work to process a vivid memory of freezing up whilst doing a presentation at university. 

I now see speaking to groups as one of my superpowers. I love it more than I ever imagined possible. 

When I help people overcome their biggest blocks with Reparenting, I see them quickly become one of their superpowers. 

Maybe it’s like me overcoming the fear of being seen > to feeling powerful speaking in front of crowds

Or you’ve been afraid to fail so you don’t end up trying > to taking on new experiences with full faith that failing only makes your stronger. 

Perhaps it’s rebalancing your emotional sensitivity > to become highly intuitive

Whatever it is you’ve mastered or are yet to master, trust that it will become your greatest asset. You simply need to become aware of what's holding you back, process the emotion associated with it and learn to Reparent yourself beyond it.

I talk about this in the latest episode of the Reparenting podcast in a conversation with Sophie Arkana who uses kundalini yoga, coaching and plant medicine integration to help people transform their lives. Listen to that episode here.

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