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Inner Child & Parenting Coaching

Above the Clouds
How is your past informing your present?

I am an accredited Conscious Parenting Coach trained by Dr Shefali. If we want to reach our full potential, we need to reawaken the child within us.

We came into this world wide open in our emotions and wide open in terms of what we believed to be possible.

Yet we all got stuck somewhere. Our dreams shrank and we started to believe we weren’t good enough. We tried hard to fit in and change ourselves in order to be loved.

All of us have wounded children walking around inside screaming for our attention, making us overreact and causing drama.This is how our past informs our present experience. 

Through the coaching programmes outlined here I can help you connect to your inner child and reparent it so you can receive all the love and compassion you missed out on.


Only then can you discover your truly authentic self. 


This replaces the inner conflict with a joyful spark and pure flow, and you find the permission to be exactly as you are. 

Coaching packages are either bi-weekly or weekly for the duration of 3 months. If you are ready for a real shift and want to hear more then set up a free 30 min discovery coaching call below.

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