Are you ready to flow?

Flow is a powerful state of consciousness that activates theta brainwaves and allows you to live in the present moment. It also processes heavier emotions without the need to experience discomfort.


I work with Flow as it's been my greatest teacher in my own transformation. I have led many workshops and group programmes that activate Flow state and allow people to let go of emotional blocks, past trauma and find greater peace and trust in themselves.

My one to one coaching programmes are designed to help you reach your greatest potential by upgrading energetics and embodying your unique Flow and Alignment. 

Living in Flow means living from your intuition. This is your power source and your strongest weapon yet its undervalued in the world we live in. By connecting you to the power of your intuition and holding you accountable to your vision I can help you unlock your Flow state and activate rapid inner transformation.

Through my trainings in neuroscience, mindfulness and somatic techniques I can help you access and integrate a more authentic and powerful version of yourself that's living your full potential. 

Forest Path

One To One Containers

Tropical Leaves
How is your past informing your present?

My trauma-informed trainings have led me to specialise in Reparenting. This approach tames your inner critic and transforms the way you behave towards yourself. Through combining mindfulness with neuroscience, Reparenting overwrites long standing patterns that were formed before you remember.

Much of how we behave was modelled in childhood when our subconscious mind was programmed. Reparenting allows you to recreate your relationship with yourself and discover your authentic nature. 


The present moment always informs us of where the blocks of the past remain. So by learning the art of Reparenting you are able to receive a new level of acceptance and nurturing that wasn't previously accessible.

Working one to one will enable you to experientially learn the Reparenting methodology. You can then understand how to crack your own mindsets and live from your the stories you choose for yourself rather than those that were chosen for you. You can then go beyond your conditioning to become free to be whoever you were born to be.

Are you ready to?

  • Embrace the ultimate version of yourself 

  • Feel safe to explore and transform patterns that are creating stagnancy in your life

  • Understand and love yourself on the deepest level

  • Uplevel in all areas of your life (as there is no distinction between them on an energetic level)

  • Embody tools and strategies to help you in the future

  • Discover your soul purpose and feel faith in your vision for your life

These programmes offer a holistic overhaul of whatever you are currently experiencing, aligning all aspects of your being. If you'd like to experience what that looks like please set up a free 30 minute coaching call today.

"You empowered me with courage, and the knowledge that I have all the answers if I listen to my innate wisdom. You showed me that it's ok to dream and that in doing so, with a pure heart, you can manifest your dreams into reality."

Laura Warby


"Living in flow is living with absolute trust and knowing it's all going to work out. Now I can easily identify when I'm out of alignment, which is super powerful as I can pivot and choose an easy and more joyful life. I am creating the life I want through working with you.”


Lucy Cargill

Coach & Celebrant

Forest Path
Coaching Programmes
  • 6 x 60 min sessions

  • Take away tools to transform mindsets and patterns

  • Pay in full or instalments

  • 6 x 60 min sessions

  • Take away tools to transform mindsets and patterns

  • Pay in full or instalments


  • 12 x weekly 60 min sessions 

  • Visioning and setting aligned actions weekly

  • Upgrading outdated belief systems using Reparenting

  • Access to bespoke tools from my programmes to transform mindsets

Paid in full or instalments
£550 per month


  • 7 x 60 min bi-weekly sessions 

  • Daily accountability between sessions via voice notes to realign commitments

  • Visioning and setting aligned actions bi-weekly

  • Transforming outdated belief systems using the art of Reparenting

  • Access to bespoke tools from my programmes to access your Flow state

Paid in full or instalments
£650 per month


  • 7 x 90 min monthly sessions

  • Daily accountability between sessions via voice notes to sustain aligned actions 

  • Monthly visioning and masterminding

  • Mastering Reparenting to rebirthbelief systems 

  • Access to bespoke tools from my programmes to find full alignment

Paid in full or instalments
£525 per month