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What Called Me To Talk About Reparenting (and how I used it in birth)

Updated: Mar 22

Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows I am dedicated to following my flow. That means going in the direction my life is guiding me, be it through intuition or the intuition around me delivered through signs and synchronicities.

Some of my greatest experiences have come about through following these including my career change to becoming a coach 7 years ago and my entry into motherhood both times.

The Reparenting podcast was also born this way. Back in October 2022 I had a handful of people tell me I should create a podcast and found myself in conversation with others who were in the midst of creating their own.

I don’t believe in coincidences - I know the quantum rule that means your subconscious is capable of communicating through the outside world. We simply need to pay attention to the signs.

This was the invitation I needed. (Maybe this is just the sign you need right now too!) I set the wheels in motion and last year I launched the first series and was blown away by its success. I’ve met many strangers since who’ve given me beautiful feedback that consolidated for me that this was indeed my destiny. Today the first episode of the second season is live. 

In the first episode of season 2 of the podcast I talk through how I Reparented myself in the pregnancy and labour. I also reflect on the mirrors between birth and our individual creative process and guide you through an exercise that helps to reparent any blocks in your own. 

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