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The Biggest Story I’ve Had To Overcome In Myself

When people ask me what it is I do I explain that I help override the conditioning and stories that stop people living their best lives.

The biggest story I’ve had to override within myself is that my worth doesn't come from what I do but who I am. I set up my own company at the age of 25 - partly because I was fiercely independent and partly because I wanted to prove that I could.

Although that company was very successful, every time I saw incredible results I would quietly put it down to luck. With every milestone I hit, there would always be another just out of reach ahead. I began to realise that deep down I kept chasing more and seeking validation from others because I didn’t feel good about myself.

I learnt slowly that life is not about chasing external goals like how many people knew my name or how much money I made. It’s about how I felt about myself and only I had the power to change that.

My new intention rather than how much can I achieve and get done, became how can I enjoy every single day. I reshaped what success meant to me and that radically transformed my life.

Thats what coaching is all about for me. I’m not here to solely help someone get to a desired outcome (that’s often the bonus at the end ONLY if the outcome is authentically aligned). What I do best is help them feel genuine pride in who they are so they can experience joy in all they do.

If you wake up every day and feel alive and inspired that’s the result I want to give you. I am not about getting the outcome you believe you ‘should’ have, but tearing down those stories to connect back to your true desires. That’s where you find your real flow.

I have one space remaining for a 1:1 client before I take a break for maternity. If you want to experience more joy and acceptance in your life then get in touch to set up a free Reparenting coaching call.

Much love

Melissa x

ps I’ve been invited by Red Rebel Collective to do a free workshop on Reparenting your inner child and repairing the maiden on Wed 12th June. If you’d like to access more playfulness and understand how to work with your inner maiden so she can shine brighter then sign up for access to the live or replay here.

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