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How To Get Unstuck From Our Emotions

We all have emotions that are out of balance, the ones we sometimes get stuck in. Mine is anger (which often masquerades as frustration or busyness).

For some people it's a paralysing fear, or excessive shame or overwhelming sadness. None is better or worse than the other as all emotions have their function and place.

Where are you out of balance in your emotions?

Emotions are our superpower. Imagine if we didn't feel - the world would feel flat and lifeless.

Emotions are also the vehicles to manifesting our reality. When we are in tune with our emotions we can create anything we desire. Yet when we aren't, we remain stuck in the same old patterns.

In fact many stuck emotions are formed from ancestral patterns. Anger was also something my father struggled with (a gentle Greek man with a fiery heart) and it shows up in my daughter in times of overwhelm.

We deem so many emotions negative that we create an unhealthy relationship with them, either repressing or exploding with them. All emotions show up to help us grow and shift. All emotions simply want to be felt, accepted and validated so they can pass through us easily.

Anger is a wonderful emotion for letting us know when our boundaries have been crossed so it shows more in people who struggle with boundaries (hands up I’m always working on this one).

Fear is linked to intuition and trust so shows up more in people who don’t always listen to or trust themselves, while sadness helps us let go so shows up more in those who struggle to do so.

What if we could develop a healthy relationship with all these emotions?

What if we didn’t repress or get overwhelmed by them? (And what if we could teach our kids to as well?)

What if we could simply feel them in the body or express the truth of what’s going on with us? Often when I say out loud ‘I am feeling angry right now’ it quickly passes.

I talk more about how to do this in this recent conversation with Kit Studios. It is also why I am so passionate about the Reparenting approach, as it processes any stuck emotions and gives us a gateway to express them in healthy ways. It helps you understand what’s been holding you back and take back control of that inner critic. It helps you mature and become the person you were born to be.

You can learn how to Reparent Yourself in my first in person event for 2021 on Wednesday 3rd November at Juno in Leyton. This workshop will include a deeply transformative meditation and tools to navigate your inner critic and any conflict that's arising in you.

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