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How I moved away from hustle culture and overwhelm

I remember it not bring uncommon to work 12 hour days and then be out at work events all weekend when I worked in the music industry. I had periods of extreme overwhelm where I was full of nervous energy and fully embroiled in hustle culture.

Equally I remember being a new mum and not being able to sleep for the level of anxiety I had that my little girl would wake up at any moment. The insomnia would make me feel fried for days and I felt powerless for what to do about it (as I talk about in the latest episode of my podcast with birthworker Jocie Cox).

What has changed?

I learned about the nervous system and integrated tools to connect back to myself when periods of overwhelm arise, including my own specialty of Reparenting.

In our modern life it’s impossible to avoid situations that bring up anxiety and overwhelm. But when we are armed with the knowledge AND the tools to overcome them we can move through them with ease.

We can’t simply use top down approaches, the mind can only do so much, so I always advocate for somatic body-based practises that release the tension and activation that’s being stored in the body. It’s been fundamental on my own journey and I’ve seen the transformations it’s brought my clients.

My friend Beth Brissette is a nervous system coach and she’s been a huge part in my growth in this area. (Do check the podcast we recorded where we chat about the crossover in our work here.) So much so that I invited her to give tools and exercises for the nervous system as part of my Raising Parents programme, and since then we’ve talked about doing a full programme together.

After over a year of brainstorming we are ready to share the Reconnection Roadmap, a simple but comprehensive group coaching programme blending cutting-edge science with transformative experiential practises integrating nervous system work, reparenting, meditation, somatic practises and practical tips and tools to bring you back home to your truest self.

We work through four pillars that help you move out of disconnection - this could look like overwhelm, anxiety, being unable to switch off or feeling over reactive, close to burnout or numbed out, or any patterns that are limiting you from your full potential.

Together we hold over a decade of experience in coaching and education and we're so excited to be live coaching together in this programme and be bringing this knowledge to more people.

Then click below to find out more. There's £50 off until 24th May using the code RECONNECT here.

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