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Reconnection Roadmap

Join Beth Brissette (Nervous System Practitioner & Somatic Coach) and Melissa Maouris (Reparenting Coach) On A Five Week Journey Back To Yourself

Why would you need a Reconnection Roadmap?

Can you imagine yourself noticing unconscious behaviours and responding rather than reacting? 

Would you love to feel more connected to your intuition and access more flow? 

Do you want to understand and work with your individual nervous system to experience more internal safety and regulation?

Would you like to become more compassionate and loving towards yourself through the art of Reparenting?


This programme is for you if you are: 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and triggered often 

  • Feeling dysregulated and outsourcing your power

  • Experiencing a loud inner critic that gets in the way 

  • Unable to set boundaries or meet your own needs

  • Feeling out of alignment and struggling to find your own inner compass

  • Feeling disconnected from your intuition and who you are


We all get stuck in negative reaction cycles, these five weeks will give you a roadmap to Recognise, Regulate, Reparent and to Respond to shift your unconscious patterning.

A simple guide to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

In this five week group coaching program, two coaching experts will help you navigate your individual patterns and triggers to open a more regulated and authentic YOU. 


Beth Brissette, Nervous System Practitioner and Somatic Coach and Melissa Maouris, Reparenting Coach have taken their decade of combined experience in coaching and education and developed a simple but comprehensive Reconnection Roadmap. Together they've determined what they believe to be, the four pillars one might tackle to go from disconnected to reconnected.


The powerful modalities of nervous system education and somatic practises go hand in hand with Reparenting work, yet this is a first of its kind course that puts together cutting-edge science with transformative experiential practises.


Together you’ll go on a five week guided journey integrating nervous system work, reparenting, meditation, somatic practises, sound healing and give you practical tips and tools to bring you back home to your truest self. 


  • Build awareness around the triggers and patterns that are holding you back

  • Create more presence in everyday life

  • Understand what regulation and dysregulation looks like

  • Exercise to identify activities that activate or soothe the nervous system


  • Map your Autonomic Nervous System and understand how to attune to its various states

  • Learn neural exercises to increase your capacity and create a resilient & flexible nervous system

  • How to and why we benefit from working with anger and overcoming repression 

  • The importance of boundaries


  • Discover the history and science of inner child work

  • Debunking trauma and epigenetics

  • Understand your attachment style in relationships

  • Learn a 3 step Reparenting process in action

  • Strengthen access to intuition and learn how it relates to the nervous system 

  • Exercises to access your inner child


  • Learn the difference between Reacting and Responding and how we open the space to respond

  • The relationship between your attachment style and your ability to respond

  • Understand why play is important and discover your Ventra Vagal Anchors 

  • Exercises to begin repairing ruptures in relationship 

  • Exercises to increase your access to play

Weekly Breakdown

“I’ve seen such powerful transformations from the Reparenting work I do with clients allowing them to become more emotionally resilient and understand how to overcome blocks set in place since before they can remember. Since meeting Beth I’ve been in awe of how the nervous system work complements Reparenting and her scientific knowledge has helped me understand it on a deeper level. I can’t wait to deliver this material to people so they can begin to unlock parts of themselves they haven’t understood until now and take this knowledge back to improve their daily lives.”

— Melissa Maouris

(Reparenting Coach)


"Your nervous system is responsible for your entire lived experience - your thoughts, feelings, experiences and interactions. When my clients begin to realize this and learn how to work with this protective system, the freedom it brings to their lives is incredible to witness. An integral part of working with our nervous system and shifting the impact it has on our lives, is going through a Reparenting process. Melissa's Reparenting work is rich with skill and intuition and I know partnering with her on this incredible offering will produce something truly unique and powerful in its ability to deeply transform those who attend."

— Beth Brissette

(Nervous System Coach)

What You'll Gain

It is our intention that you'll leave this course with 

  • A greater sense of awareness and understanding of yourself 

  • More insight into your nervous system and how to attune to it

  • Knowledge of how to reparent your inner child 

  • Understand how to shift from reacting to responding 

  • The ability to build deeper connections with yourself and others  

What's Included
  • 5 x weekly workshops to understand the Regulation Roadmap

  • Experiential exercises, meditations and worksheets to put it into practise

  • A final group call for integration

  • A telegram group to connect with the community

  • Permanent access to the materials

  • BONUS sound?

£500 / $600 or three monthly instalments of £175 / $212


Melissa Maouris
(Reparenting Coach)

Melissa Maouris is a Reparenting coach helping people to transform the relationship they have with themselves. Reparenting is an ancient tool backed up by neuroscience that enables you to become your own parent in order to access your flow state. 


Trained under Dr Shefali in her conscious parenting approach, ​Melissa has worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine.  She has mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy. Her workshops and programmes are popular with those that crave clarity and purpose in their lives. 


Beth Brissette 
(Nervous System Coach)

Beth Brissette, founder of Elizabeth Anne - Life Alchemy, is a Nervous System Practitioner and Somatic Life Coach aka a “Nervous System Coach.”  She developed this unique, dual approach, to life coaching to help her clients become able to tune into their bodies, work with their nervous systems and rewire their lives.

She has a degree in education, is certified in Somatic Parts Work and is a globally certified and accredited Life Coach.  Her trainings in polyvagal theory, attachment theory, the vagus nerve, somatic trauma healing, embodied conflict resolution, breathwork for regulation, wounded child work and many others have led her to work with clients all over the world. Her clients are seeking more regulation and peace, to discover who they truly are and live with greater alignment and purpose. 

Course Leaders

When will the programme take place?

The workshops happen on Tuesdays at 0900 EST - 1400 GMT starting 25th April until 23rd May and last for 90 minutes each.

What if I can't make it live? 

If you can't make the live calls all replays will be sent out so you can access the material in your own time. There will be a chance to discuss anything that’s arising in real time via the telegram group where you'll have daily access to the community and the group leaders. 

What will the programme entail?

The calls will begin with a workshop hosted by both Beth & Melissa. There will be a mix of learning, experiential exercises and tasks to take away. At the end of each call there will be space for sharing and group coaching to come together and grow as a community.

I can't afford it right now. Do you have any options?

We've created a payment plan to split the cost over three months to make this more affordable. There is also a supported access option to help address systemic inequality and if this is still unaccessible then we have 2 fully sponsored places. If you’d like to hear more about these options then please get in touch below. 

What are the next steps?

If you're in you can sign up to the programme via the link below. If you have any more questions do contact us via the link below to discuss. 

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