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How Do You Grow While Staying In Flow?

After a crazy summer of juggling school holidays with a huge house renovation, I now find myself about to gob on maternity for baby number two. Pregnancy is all about facing our shadows and this one has been particularly enlightening on that front. A big question thats been coming up for me and my clients is; How do I continue to grow from a place of flow? I want to take time away from my work to be present with our new baby as I know how valuable that is for all of us. We all experience changes, both expected and unexpected in our lives, from illness to death, marriage to relocation. We all have periods where we have less energy for our work as other elements of our lives take over. But is it still possible to grow while life pulls you in other directions? In almost everything we do nowadays there’s this masculine tendency to compete, to push for more, to dominate. We hear constantly:

✨ How do I reach more people?

✨ How do I make it more profitable?

✨ How do I grow beyond the competition? Yet we are nature and nature has seasons that are about growth and seasons that are about death and rebirth. Using the mechanics of FLOW I would always balance these with more feminine questions:

✨ How do I get better at this?

✨ How can I follow my intuition so I can ensure what I am working on grows effortlessly?

✨ How do I use my flow to grow? ​It's true that we need the masculine energies within us to act so we get to where we desire. But when we ignore our feminine wisdom telling us how we're feeling and when to rest, we push from a place of scarcity rather than alignment. When we.. focus on solely getting bigger, we can lose touch with ourselves and everyone around us in the pursuit for more. When we... constantly use numbers, especially wealth, as a metric for our own worth, we often forget to enjoy the journey as we’re so focused on the destination. When we... use too much strategy and force, we get overwhelmed and shut down to the exact thing we are seeking. So how do we grow from a place of flow? 🌕 We listen to how we feel in our decisions 🌕 We marry our energetics to our actions (resting when we need to and acting when we are called to) 🌕 We go beyond ‘should’ to act from our intuition - that which connects us all. That's what indigenous culture and nature teaches us about how we are born to be. But first we have to redefine what success means to us. We must REPARENT ourselves out of those conditioned stories and ways of being. Does success mean

✨ Always striving to be bigger than those around us and foregoing our boundaries in the process

✨ Having more metrics including wealth at all costs

✨ Pushing for more in everything we do

Or does it mean

✨ Honouring our natural cycles that lead us back to flow

✨ Celebrating our wins and feeling grateful for all we have

✨ Supporting one another to rise up together ​Paradoxically the growth we desire including expansive wealth comes easily when we act from our intuition and find our flow. I have seen for myself and with clients that when we take the time to rest and reset we often call in more, not less, of what we desire. What does success means to you?

How do you grow while staying in flow?

All nine episodes of this series of the Reparenting podcast are now live. I’m busy recording the second series including some special Q&A episodes from the listeners so if you have any questions on reparenting please do get in touch so I can answer them in there. Thanks for your support and I’ll be back with more really soon.

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