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How Do You Differentiate Between A True Desire & Your Conditioning?

Never has it been easier to dream and create and yet when we aren’t in FLOW often the things we desire feel unfulfilling when we receive them. Like when we yearn for a job or a relationship or a child and when we reach that milestone we realise it’s not what we expected.

Many of us have a constant sense of yearning that's never truly satisfied because we are living from our conditioning - what have been taught to want rather than what we truly desire.

How Do You Differentiate Between A True Desire & Your Conditioning?

It’s natural to have desires but when we focus on the tangible we miss the true desire beneath it. The intangible feeling.

The yearning for a partner to feel loved.

The craving of a home for security.

The desire for a new location for adventure.

What feeling lies beneath your greatest desire?

When you access that feeling you access your FLOW and often find that the original desire mutates or becomes more achievable. Manifesting with FLOW is about aligning your hearts with your mind to create consciously so your choices raise the vibration of the planet.

Join the 21 day container Manifest With Flow, all about creating from a place of alignment and purpose starting 14th June.

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