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Finding Flow When Life Takes Us Off Course

Recently I’ve been helping a couple of my clients find FLOW when their lives have taken a direction they didn’t expect. It’s so often that we are steered off our path and can’t see a clear way forward.

Our job security weakens Our relationships change and break down A family member has a health problem Often when unforeseen changes happen our grip on the variables gets tighter. We do our best to control what we can in the situation. Yet rarely goes this get us back on track and we sometimes feel more powerless than ever. Our actions end up coming from a place of frustration rather than intuition and the control adds a pressure we can’t escape from.If we want to embrace our FLOW in those moments we have to face what’s going on beneath the surface. The need to control is almost always caused by an uncomfortable emotional response in ourselves that we are unable to process. Fear is the most common emotion beneath the need to control.

Fear of failure...

Fear of change...

Fear of discomfort...

If we don't give space to our fears we end up finding them all around us (called confirmation bias). Yet when we take the time to face our discomfort and validate our emotional experience, we come back to a state of FLOW. The mantra I use in this situation is often - LET IT GO TO LET IT FLOW. [Read this post to hear more about how I use this within my own life.] When we take the time to regulate ourselves our actions come from inspiration and trust rather than fear and a need to control. Then our sense of ease and fulfilment returns. Letting go of our emotions in these situations is difficult because we're not taught how to and this is some of the biggest work I do with my clients. If you struggle with emotions please do get in touch and I'll gift you a meditation tool that I use in one of my programmes. So often the intention to sit with ourselves in our discomfort is enough to initiate a change. I'd love to know what this brings up in you so get in touch and let me know. Much love Melissa x

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