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Let It Go To Let It FLOW

One of my mantras is Let It Go To Let It Flow. That’s because the opposite of FLOW is control. Having our hands too tight on the steering wheel means we never feel the freedom and ease that FLOW brings us.

When I moved house recently I once again realised the power of letting go in the process of FLOW. The move made me question my future and brought up fear and uncertainty about whether it was in alignment with what I desired. Did I want to stay in London or move to somewhere quieter?

While meditating I was called to TRUST and let go of control. It reminded me of the times in my life when I needed to take a leap of faith - like when I made the decision to be a full time coach (which I talk about here) and when I got pregnant with my daughter.

Both times I believed I had a timeline of when things ‘should’ happen in my life and I found myself trying to control them. But the moment I let go of the need to know when and how things would happen, is the moment I experienced pure FLOW. Things manifested faster than I could have imagined and I came alive with a pure faith in life.

If we really want to up level and expand wemust learn this art of letting go. Its important to have a vision, then to create it we must FEEL it into reality (give yourself goosebumps with the excitement of it!) But it’s just as crucial to LET IT GO and surrender all control to bring it to life.

Whenever we are too attached to it happening, we block it as we are withholding the full trust that it will come. We literally get in our own way.

Since I surrendered control and embraced this move my life has shifted my life into a whole new level of FLOW. But don't confuse flow with doing nothing. FLOW is that sweet spot where you FEEL alive and you ACT from your intuition. My intuition told me I was on the right path and I trusted it as it has never let me down before. I've opening up some new ways of working one-to-one with me from later this Summer. If you’d like to understand more about FLOW and set up a discovery call so we can chat.

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