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A Winter Solstice Ritual To Activate Flow

Today is the solstice, the mid point of the winter season. Winter is often said to be people’s least favourite season. It’s a time of doing very little which isn’t something we thrive at in modern day life. It’s also associated with death which is often made taboo. But with every death there is also a rebirth. A resetting of the cycle means there is always new growth ahead. If we want to FLOW we have to embrace our natural rhythms and allow ourselves to be guided by our external and internal cycles. After all we are nature and without rest and letting things run their natural course we will eventually feel overspent and burn out. If we can embrace our inner Winter then we can start the next cycle with renewed inspiration. This is a mystical time where we can feel more connected to ourselves than in the more energetic periods of the year (if we allow it). Winter is a wonderful time to

  • hibernate and conserve energy

  • let things you no longer need die back

  • access heightened intuition and inner alchemy

This Winter marks 40 turns around the sun for me so I’ve been creating a lot of ritual around that. I love ritual and ceremony as it allows me space to witness how far I've come and connect with renewed hope for the future. Below are some prompts to create your own ritual at this wonderful time of the Winter solstice. The darkest time of the year means it’s a natural time to turn your attention inwards. Perhaps light a candle, take a walk or meditate on the questions below. NB If you're not in the Northern hemisphere you can apply this to any areas that are currently in Winter (for example your relationships or career) at anytime. What are you grateful for in this period of Winter? Where are you still needing to cut back and conserve energy? What is dying around or within you and what is being reborn? What are you looking forward to overcoming in the next cycle? If your intuition was in the driving seat what would it be pointing you towards? As always I'd love to hear what emerges from this and share in your rituals so do get in touch and let me know. Happy solstice magic from me to you. Melissa x Check the Autumn ritual post here and watch out for future seasonal instalments

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