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Using Nature's Cycles to Activate Flow

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Working with FLOW state often means finding a new rhythm in ourselves. Nature is such a powerful teacher for this. The cycles that exist all around us tell us so much about our own cyclical nature.

As Autumn arrives the leaves fall to the ground and nature is dying back all around us (or pruned back in our own gardens). It’s a magical time that invites us to to slow down and reflect on what’s not working so we can let go of what we don’t need in our lives. (If you're in the southern hemisphere watch out for future instalments on other seasons!)

The expectation is to be in perpetual Summer, especially in our careers. However without the natural pause and shedding that exists in the full cycle we often repeat patterns and make unnecessary mistakes. We simply can’t access our full growth potential and embrace our natural FLOW state.

Simply carving time out for reflection and making fresh commitments as we move into the next phase of the cycle helps us feel alive and energised, while making peace with the last one.

Use the questions below to access your own inner FLOW with the new Autumn cycle.

What's been working recently and bringing you into flow?

What have you enjoyed that you would like to keep in your life?

eg having more time to explore, spontaneous adventures with family and friends, alignment with clients, etc

What hasn’t been working and making you feel out of alignment?

What are you ready to change and let go of?

eg. the lack of rhythm and structure over the summer period, too much on your plate so ready to slow down and find more space, etc

By letting go of this what will you gain or be able to create?

eg have more faith in myself, create more money and more space, etc

What commitments can you make to ensure this happens?

eg getting back to a morning routine or meditation practise, keeping free time for spontaneous adventure at the weekends, investing in new mentors or coaches, planning next financial goals and structure, etc.

You may notice some areas of your life need little or no work while others are shedding a lot as they all have their own cyclic rhythms. This is where your intuition is crucial as it allows you to decipher which elements you can control and which are calling for acceptance and surrender. These are the most potent ingredients for true FLOW state.

As always I'd love to hear what comes up for these questions so get in touch and let me know. Wishing you a beautiful transition of seasons.

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