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2016: The Year of Endings

2016 has been a year of endings. Brexit, Donald Trump, the deaths of David Bowie, Prince and many other trailblazing creatives. It’s been a year that no one could guess at what’s around the next corner and often felt like we’re going backwards.

For many it has brought a lesson that the current political framework isn’t working, and collectively it has frequently seemed we are emotionally breaking at the seams. There’s a lot of fear and emerging polarisation, but where there is chaos there is also the certainty that things cannot stay the same.

Recently I learnt that 2016 is a 9 in the wheel of numerology, the final push in the cycle that has spun out for the last decade. A 9 often takes us in what appears to be the wrong direction so that we can determine what in the past is preventing moving us forwards.

So though we may feel mounting despair at what’s going on in the world right now, we should be comforted by the realisation that we are a few weeks away from 2017, which is the start of a new cycle, a number 1 in the chain and a marker of new beginnings.

On an individual level I have shifted enormously from where I stood this time last year. After a decade of working in the music industry I have committed to being an energy worker, which has at times been testing and at others inspiring, and I have learnt more about myself than I imagined possible through it.

At these times of new beginnings, it’s important to recognise fear for what it is and stay grounded, focusing instead on what we want to manifest as we move forward (not more fear!)

This is a time for us to build our strength and root in hope for the future. Exactly how do we do that is often challenging and differs according to the perspective, but some well explored grounding exercises I have integrated myself include walking in nature, yoga, breathing techniques, eating healthily (especially root vegetables or legumes from the earth) and partaking in a regular meditation practice, though it could be anything that encourages the beauty of perspective.

Ultimately right now what we’re collectively seeking is more trust, and a realisation that these experiences are necessary for our individual and collective evolution. When things aren’t going our way, part of the process is accepting that it is part of a grander plan, and learning to put faith in the magnificence of it as it unfolds. It is quite likely that we will emerge with a far greater understanding of ourselves in the process.

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