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Why Reciprocity Has Become My Purpose

Every year I pick a word that represents what I feel called to focus on that year. My word for 2023 is RECIPROCITY, inspired by this incredible podcast by two of my female icons;Bjork and Robin Wall Kimmerer. Kimmerer’s book Braiding Sweetgrass was a highlight of my lockdown and I've been an avid Bjork fan since my teens, so since my former assistant sent it to me I have listened to it many times.

RECIPROCITY is defined as the act of giving to others for mutual benefit. For me (and what this podcast speaks so eloquently about) is that it's about living from the knowledge that we are deeply connected to each other and that when we help others, we all thrive.

In our individualistic society we seem to have forgotten this concept and are now paying the price. Reciprocity is about respecting the world we live in, for when we take care of it, it takes care of us. It’s also about looking after one another and giving for the sake of it rather than expecting anything in return.

This is what inspired has so many of my decisions this year and got me way beyond my comfort zone, which at times has been uncomfortable. It inspired my new podcast and mothers circles, now evolving into a series. It inspired my last collaborative day retreat back in March and I’m excited to announce a new one at a special space with Mind Like Water and Arise Breathwork.

As Bjork talks in the podcast when you collaborate with others there’s a synergy and a symbiosis that taps into something way bigger than anything you can create on our own. This is what I've experienced many times this year and is behind my new group coaching programme the Reconnection Roadmap created in collaboration with Beth Brissette (the nervous system coach who featured on my podcast recently).

We’ve been in talks about this for almost 2 years as both of us felt the potency of putting our two modalities; the nervous system; and Reparenting together for the first time. Catch our live conversation here where we dive deeper into what the programme entails.

Yet reciprocity doesn't always have to be about giving to others, it can also be about giving to yourself because you know everyone around you will benefit. I talk about this in the latest episode of my podcast all about Reparenting through play and self care.

Play is one of the best ways for us to Reparent ourselves and a gateway to our flow state. How you experienced play as a child can have a huge impact on how you feel as an adult as research shows that adults who make time to play have less anxiety and experience more life satisfaction. Dive into this episode to break down any barriers to play within yourself and hopefully gain more access to it.

Focusing on reciprocity has allowed me to feel more connected to my purpose this year and experience some big moments of flow as I’ve tapped into something bigger than myself.

What inspires your creations?

What fills you with purpose?

I hope it brings you and all those around you mutual benefit.

Much love

Melissa x

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