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When is it your time?

We all have days where life feels a struggle and January is one of those months that feels like it goes on and on and on. But remember you can change that. The first step is making time for YOU

How many times a week do you say you don’t have time? I have caught myself saying it much more since becoming a mum.

I don’t have time to journal anymore.

I don’t have time to exercise enough.

I don’t have time to earn as much as I’d like to. 

The truth is we choose what we do with our time. It’s more empowering to state the truth which is whatever it is is not important enough to make time for. 

That may sound inflated but it’s the reality. When we really want something we move heaven and earth to make it happen. When it’s not our priority it gets bumped for things that are more urgent right now. 

I’ve made a promise to myself moving forward. That I am going to be more careful with my time.

STOP squandering time on scrolling and Netflix and WhatsApp.

START carving out the time for myself that I’ve been craving.

START prioritising things that make me feel good.

START saying what’s true which is that I always have time if it’s important enough to me.

What do you need to MAKE more time for right now? You are always entirely up to you. 

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