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When I Flow, Everything Flows

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Do you find it hard to stop working? Are you doing, doing, doing all the time?

I see this a lot when I coach people in high powered roles and business owners. But also in parents that are constantly juggling and fighting for time meaning they're in near constant flight mode (non stop doing).

This can drain the joy and inspiration from your life and become a pressure cooker inside making you more reactive and anxious all the time.

The science about FLOW shows that the quality of the work doesn’t increase with the quantity of time we put into it. So when we keep doing more and going over our boundaries, it doesn’t correlate to the best results. If you're never taking time out and constantly feeling you aren't doing enough, you often make more mistakes and lose productivity.

The antidote to this constant doing is to stop the motion (moving from flight mode to regulation in the nervous system). So the best thing you can do when you feel that pressure and overwhelm is to take a break and connect back to yourself so that you can hear your intuition on the next best step. To add in more FLOW.

This can feel really hard when there's external expectations and sometimes years of habitual behaviour becomes internal pressure (as I had for a long time). What is needed then is to allow yourself permission to honour YOURSELF above your work and anyone else.

My mantra that I love to share around this is - WHEN I FLOW, EVERYTHING FLOWS.

FLOW means coming back to feeling regulated, calm and confident in what you're doing. It means allowing pleasure back into your life. Only you will know the best way to do this but a good place to start is to ask 'What would make me feel good in this moment?'

It might be finding stillness, connecting to nature. taking a walk, talking to a friend or burning off your excess energy with exercise. But when you honour your needs in the moment you come back to FLOW and the quality of not only your work but your life improves.

Much love

Melissa x

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