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When Do You Press Pause?

It’s difficult to stop or say no at times. I used to be afraid that opportunities would pass me by if I didn’t grab them immediately. Lockdown slowed us all down and many saw the benefit of a pause. But how do we integrate this now life is returning to normal?

Many of us are conditioned to believe we need to be on all the time in order to be successful. But that’s simply a story and there is another way. For centuries we’ve dreamed of a future where we work less & put pleasure first. Yet with each generation we end up working more all fuelled by this story that hard work equals success and money is the ultimate goal. That’s not to say success and money aren’t important, but when we get lost in the drive we lose sight of the big picture.

We are at a turning point right now, one where these masculine qualities of competition and achievement are being questioned, and the feminine qualities of intuition and nourishment are being valued. The dismantling of the patriarchy to make way for a more balanced society. Five thousand years ago it’s said we had a matriarchal society, in times of Ancient Egypt where gods, symbolism and mystics ruled supreme. What we create next for our own society is up to us. How we behave in our own lives will create a new future for generations to come.

Nowadays I use my gut with decisions and if the answer isn’t a clear yes then I press pause until it is. It’s taught to be less impulsive which means less mistakes. It’s taught me to trust that even if something looks good, if it doesn’t FEEL good it’s not worth it.

When you dare to press pause and put yourself first, you send the message out that life is on your side no matter what. You spend more time feeling alive and less time unsure of yourself. You return to flow and live in your truth.

Where do you need to press pause in your life right now? Find out more on my latest event Return To Flow here.

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