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What's Your Word For 2020?

I have an annual ritual that I stole from Melinda Gates (who I’m sure stole it from someone else!) It is to pick a word that represents the last year and another for my vision of the year ahead. Give it a try.

What word represents 2020 for you?

What have you learnt and how have you grown?

At the end of 2019 I picked VISIBILITY as my word for 2020 and despite the constrictions that no one could have foreseen I’ve lived up to it. I’ve done more live events than ever before (all virtual thanks to covid!), two new free challenges earlier this year and today I'm announcing my new immersive group coaching programme called Live In Full Flow starting January 2021. More on that below and here.

What are you ready to create in 2021?

What are you on the verge of discovering?

My word for 2021 is CONNECTION. I’m sure like you I have spent much of this year missing being physically close with friends and family. But connection means more than that. It’s about FEELING connected despite the distance. When we feel connected to others we also feel more connected to ourselves. We feel more able to be true to who we really are and shine our light out into the world.

Being connected means no numbing or distracting. It means embracing everything going on beneath the surface and accepting it in every moment. The art of true connection means giving unconditional love to ourselves and others at all costs.

I knew my word for 2021 had to be CONNECTION as once I thought of it I opened my book and the next chapter was on connection. Then the next episode of my meditation series was also about it. I’m big on signs and synchronicities as they reaffirm we’re on the right path and this is one of the things I’ll be teaching you to tune into in the new Live In Full Flow immersive.

A yearning for connection led me to create this unique 5 week group coaching programme to connect you with your inner wisdom and help you live authentically. When I help others connect more deeply with themselves and one another, I become infinitely more connected to myself.

Live In Full Flow starts January 18th 2021 and lasts 5 weeks. Limited earlybird £149 on sale now. Find out more here.

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