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What You'll Gain From A Dose Of Reparenting

Reparenting is about building your emotional and mental resilience by becoming your own parent to yourself.

Its not that your parents didn’t succeed, they did the best with the tools they had and yet we all have limits to what we believe of ourselves.

Its an ancient tool now backed up by neuroscience that allows you to transform your relationship with yourself. With Reparenting you can become more kind and compassionate to yourself and fill up with love.

You don’t have to dive into the past with Reparenting as the present tells you everything you need to know about your history. But when you can make space for the child that lives in you then it sets you free to be the person you were born to be.

On Sunday March 5th I'm running a day retreat that includes 3 powerful modalities; a Transformation Breath session from Arise Breathwork; Sound Healing from Mind Like Water Wellbeing and a Reparenting session from me.

Each element complements each other wonderfully to unlock your blocks and access your flow. The day includes sharing circles and plenty of time to connect over teas and indulge in the power of community, for when we come together in shared purpose that there’s nothing that we can’t achieve.

There's 3 tiers of tickets from low income (£66) to abundant (£88). These will fund 2 community tickets at £22 for those that wouldn't otherwise have access to this (please reach out if this is you). Grab your ticket here.

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