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What is your greatest vision for who you could become?

I spent the last sips of 2021 and the first of 2022 travelling Mexico (which was a ride with a 3 year old!) and many people asked me what I do. So I wanted to dedicate this letter to exploring who I am and what it means to you.

I often get the question “what is a coach?” There are many different answers but to me it’s someone who sees people at their essence and helps brings them to life and into alignment. I am a Flow and Alignment coach because it’s been my journey (and biggest challenge at times) to live from a place of flow. Flow is that wonderful state of living that allows you to be totally true to who you are and let life guide you (at times mystically and effortlessly). (If that sounds interesting watch out for my new Flow Masterclass coming soon!)

Before and even during my training with Mindful Talent five years ago I had no idea this is where I would end up (and that I would mentor dozens of people like me through the course). But the truth is life was already guiding me in mysterious ways to embrace my flow and all I needed to do was follow my intuition and the signs all around me. That’s all we ever need to do to discover our true purpose. The signs are always there, but we're not always paying attention. Many of us are so stuck in anxiety or numbness that we barely recognise these invitations. Yet when we do follow them, we step into a space of excitement and exhilaration (and often a healthy dose of fear as well!) Following flow and these signs led me to specialise in Reparenting, in which I untangle the blocks set in place in early life and find tools to align with who you really are, rather than who you think you 'should' be. Removing the conditioning means we can finally be free to be who we were born to be. What does this mean to you? I hope that by reading this it will spark some questions about where your life is guiding YOU.

Where are you living from a place of 'should' rather than desire right now? What is truly important to you? What are you yearning for more of in your life? How can you embrace it in a meaningful way? What is your greatest vision for who you could become? I'm always listening so do hit reply to share what comes up. That true alignment is often closer than you think.

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