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Finding lessons from a new normal

As we settle into a new normal can you feel your ‘stuff’ bubbling to the surface? The limiting mindsets and blocks have always been there, but before there was something to project them onto to distract ourselves from. We’re all being asked to become more self-aware, transform and upgrade who we are through this crazy time.

What are you learning about yourself during lockdown?

I’m learning about how much I strive to feel good yet resist feeling otherwise. I know that resistance keeps us stuck in our emotional states so my new phrase has become ‘it’s ok to not be ok.’

I’m learning to go slower. I’ve always been fast paced but I’m really enjoying being present and taking every day as it comes.

I’m learning let go of anything I think I know. What in zen they call beginners mind is helping me stay grounded and trust in whatever comes. As the old saying goes ‘All things shall pass’ and no one knows that’s the future holds right now.

We’re all collectively grieving for our old lives yet it struck me when a client said in his last session “I don’t want things to go back to the way they were”. This news piece confirms he’s not alone. Many of us have realised that things have changed and that’s not necessarily all bad. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on what has and hasn’t been working in our lives and create positive change for the future.

One of my clients brought up the STOP / START exercise that was part of my January challenge this week and it made me realise how powerful this could be right now. I’ve put a recap below:

Behavioural science proves that using the power of opposites increases our potential to change. That means we need to work out not just what we need to START but also what we need to STOP.

Perhaps you want to stop worrying about the future but what do you need to start doing? Or you want to start believing in yourself so what do you need to stop doing? Try to make each of these:

  • Challenging

  • Achievable

  • Measurable

For example it might be that you only connect with people that make you feel good for the next week in order to start feeling good about the future. Or you stop procrastinating on that new business venture and take the first step in order to start believing in yourself.

This experience has the capacity to connect us to our greatest potential but that takes honesty and awareness. We are each the masters of our own future so what will yours be?

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