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What If Money Came Easy?

The first workshop I did as a coach was about money. I’d recently left my business in the music industry which I’d built for the past decade and I was determined to maintain my financial flow and income.

What I didn’t know then but soon discovered was I had one of the most common subconscious mindsets in place. That in order to make good money I had to work really hard. This meant I slowly worked myself into the ground to bring in the income I desired. It wasn’t sustainable.

It has taken me years of Reparenting work on myself and with my clients to undo the grip of that one. Years to decondition and learn how to attract and receive money easily without working all hours and going beyond my boundaries.

The truth is money is a blank canvas. Whatever you believe about it becomes your reality. So what are you making money mean in your life?

Maybe your money blocks are:

  • spending it as fast as it arrives

  • believing it will run out so holding on tight to it

  • feeling irresponsible or unsafe with money 

We each have our own relationship with money thats inherited from our parents, from society and from our individual life experiences. Reparenting can help you become more aware of what your blocks may be and go beyond them to create more harmony with money in your life.

Want to transform your money blocks? Join me online for my Reparent Your Money Blocks workshop by registering here.

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