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What Do You Need To Let Go Of To Embrace 2021?

I don’t think anyone expected what 2020 would hold. It’s been a wild ride that defied all predictions, but through struggle and pain we find our greatest growth. If this year has taught us anything, it’s who we really are. When the going gets tough, we build resilience, even if it looks different for each of us.

Although my coaching wasn’t affected, my partner runs a business in hospitality so I’ve shared his experience of learning to live moment to moment, surrender to what is and discover faith I never knew existed. These lessons are priceless and don’t come around without hardship.

When we reflect on our own lessons, we move without doubt or regret into the next chapter. I’m running an event next Thursday January 7th called Mindful Manifestation to help you find closure on 2020 and draw up intentional goals for the future based on where you’ve come from. More info here.

I learnt all of this through falling out of flow, which is an inevitable part of life. When we lose our sense of flow then it feels like we’ve lost momentum, we often feel directionless and can even question who we are and what we are doing in the world.

The normal response when this happens is to try to control it and fight our way back to where we want to be. But when we resist it and believe things are going wrong, we often miss the gold. Only when we surrender and accept it as part of our growth do we come back into flow.

Flow gives us purpose as it is a direct link into our desires and our spirit. Yet we can only understand what it is to be in flow with the experience of being out of it. In the same way that you can only understand what is it to be happy with the experience of being unhappy. Just as the seasons change, our bodies inhale and exhale, there will always be fluctuations in our flow state. Each time we rediscover it, we learn something new about ourselves.

I believe every experience is helping us evolve into a better version of ourselves. Even when it’s painful, those moments are often our greatest teachers as they uncover our deepest truths. When things get hard, it simply means we’re ready to upgrade.

When we resist something because we don’t find it comfortable or convenient, what we are really saying is that we don’t trust it is meant for us and therefore we don’t trust life. When we truly accept what’s happening to us, we let go of the resistance and frustration and connect to the most authentic parts of ourselves.

I’ll be covering delving into this and much more in my Live In Full Flow course that starts on 18th January. The early bird price of £149 is available until 31st December. Find out more here.

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