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What Are You Proud Of This Year & What Will You Create In 2022?

It’s my birthday this week so I spent time doing one of my favourite things - pulling cards and journalling - this time about what I would like to create in the last year of my 30s (being more of service and leading only from my heart).

December is a reflective time so I’m inviting you to ponder on what the year has taught and brought you and to cement your vision and hopes for the next. Grab a journal and answer these questions.

What are you proud of creating this year?

What are you proud of overcoming?

If there was one word that could sum up 2021 what would it be?

My word for 2021 was CONNECTION and I feel proud to have served more people than ever before through my coaching and programmes, overcome sudden grief through remaining connected to my emotions and being surrendered to change especially when it went against my desire (thanks pandemic!)

What will you create next year?

What will you be overcoming?

What brings you a sense of expansion to dream about?

I’ve had three people tell me recently I need to write a book and it’s been a lifelong dream of mine, so I am feeling it into reality. We manifest through our thoughts, emotions and actions and have the power to create ANYTHING we choose when we set our hearts on it.

I encourage you to use your super sense of feeling to fully imagine and EMBODY what you would like to create. Be bold in what you ask for and bring it to life within you. We can easily manifest when we tap into the excitement and inspiration behind it.

What do you need to let go of in order for this to happen?

What do you need to bring in?

The cards I drew invited me to let go of my fear of change and access my inner strength and resilience. Perhaps this resonates for you or you need something else to get you to a firmer belief in yourself and your vision. It’s only ever YOU that’s standing in your way.

If there was one word that could sum up 2022 what would it be?

My clients have been delivering wonderful words this week including ABUNDANCE, JOY and TRUTH. Once you have your word you can use it to invite in that future every day. For example; How can I be more [abundant / joyful / truthful] today? This is how you bring your dreams into your current reality.

I would love to hear what these questions evoke in you. Please do get in touch or sign up to receive these direct to your inbox.

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