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The Surprising History Of Reparenting

If you look into the origins of Reparenting and inner child work it looks as if it emerged in the 20th century from the likes of Carl Jung. Through a beautiful set of synchronicities I discovered more ancient roots in my trip to Mexico in 2021.

My friend living there connected me to an indigenous guide of the pyramids in Mexico City. After the tour he took us to his village and asked if we would like to come to an ancient cave to do a ceremony. We followed him into the pitch black hole and he started to sing and pray. He then invited us to connect to our inner child and the joy we experienced when we were younger. My whole body came alive as he led us through this powerful experience.

I’d been leading inner child meditations for over a year by then and had no idea it had roots in indigenous culture. After we emerged he told me they’d been doing it for millennia as a way to connect back to their authentic selves.

I’m so grateful for this experience as it allows me to educate people on the true origins of this transformative practise and makes me feel awe and wonder at the ancient wisdom that lives on in us. I’ve seen firsthand that we learn to hold the child within us, we begin to hold ourselves with more love.

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