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The Reparenting Podcast Is Born

The Reparenting podcast has been a labour of love of mine for the last few months. Birthing it into the world has felt like a quantum leap and I’ve begun to dream about the power that Reparenting could have on the planet.

I believe everyone should be able to reparent themselves so they can thrive and access more flow, so I’ve created this free podcast for everyone to benefit from.

In this series you'll find solo episodes diving into different aspects of Reparenting such as overcoming limiting stories and mastering your emotions.

Alongside there are interview episodes with wellness experts where we discover modalities and practises that complement the art of Reparenting and discuss how they’ve used it to enrich their own lives.

I’m hoping by listening that you can better understand yourself through the lens of Reparenting, that you’ll find tools to increase your self-belief and access more intuition and flow in your life.

Click the links below to access and don't forget to follow to be the first to hear about new episodes. If you enjoy what you hear please do rate, review and share.

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