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The Key To Overcoming Limiting Patterns

I’ve spent the last week in my ancestral land visiting my relatives in Cyprus. It’s the first time I’ve been in two years due to COVID and the first time since I retrained in Conscious Parenting so I couldn’t help but notice all their limiting patterns.

The people pleasing, self sacrificing, constant busyness, self abandonment and cloaked anger and resentment. I'm not judging them as I love my family dearly and they are no different to any other, yet it’s fascinating to see how these patterns carry and splinter through the generations.

I had some deep conversations with some of them in which they recognised their patterns but felt powerless to change. Yet I have seen in my work with clients over the years that patterns only rise to the surface to be seen in ourselves when they’re ready to shift.

It’s not a given, as we need to be consciously choosing to move past them. But we have neuroplasticity in our brain for our entire lives which means that we can move beyond any conditioning to form new habits and mindsets whenever we choose to.

How do we do that? We REPARENT ourselves.

I break down what Reparenting is and how it works in 4 easy steps in this new piece for Juno, the East London space where I’m hosting an in person event to teach you how to Reparent Yourself this Wednesday (click below to find out more).

I’ll also be covering how to transform any limiting patterns in depth in the Raising Parents group coaching programme, a five week process to overcome ancestral conditioning and become the change you wish to see in the world.

We all have more power than we realise, and if we can dare to step into our authentic selves then we inspire everyone around us to do the same.

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