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The Importance Of Prioritising Play

How much do you prioritise play?

On a sharing call with my Raising Parents alumni last week there was a lot of agreement on the difficulty of enjoying unstructured imaginary play with their kids - the kind of play with no purpose or outcome.

When we don’t allow ourselves space to play, we have limited motivation and energy to give to others.

Play is our fuel. It's how all humans learn and integrate our emotions and it’s one of the most important aspects in us feeling good in ourselves. As children we love to play endlessly but as adults we start to shut this down and devalue its importance.

When we prioritise our own play (and pleasure), our tanks are full and we are energised to invest in both ourselves and those around us. Play is also the easiest space to manifest from as our energy is expansive and receptive to our desires.

I often see a lack of play in my clients so I have them create a list of things that bring them pleasure, or allow them to feel playful. Perhaps a kitchen disco moment, a walk in the woods or a nourishing bath. Committing to one thing a day can make transformative shifts in your life.

When was the last time you prioritised play? What brings you pleasure? Consider this YOUR invitation to do so.

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