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Slowing Down To Speed Up & Find Your Inner Magic

Often we’re going so fast in life that we miss the signs all around us. We have a concept called ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’ on the coaching course that I work on. It works on the premise that when you slow down, you’re able to reflect before taking decisions, rather than after you’ve made them. 

In this way you move forward faster as you’ve given yourself the space to make better choices. When we allow ourselves to slow down, we can hear more of our intuitions and spot the synchronicities happening all around us.

Nowadays I take pauses throughout every day to check in with my energy (and encourage my clients to also), then ask what needs to happen to come more into flow. The clues are everywhere helping us to find it, we simply need to cultivate the stillness to witness them.

Sometimes a conversation feels significant, other times a vivid memory is triggered, or perhaps we are drawn to nature crossing our path (in real life or virtually). There's a potency in everything around us if we can simply pay attention.

Life is always conspiring to help us evolve to be a better version of who we are. The pace and the ease which we get there is really down to us. Join me on Thursday 16th August for a live virtual workshop where I’ll coach you to uncover what signs are showing up in your life and what they have the potential to teach you.


As I've spoken about before, I see my role as a parent as my greatest teacher. My daughter is headstrong, vivacious and determined - just as I am! At times being her mother makes me burst with love, at others it makes me scream and cry. But each moment gives me the opportunity to recreate who I want to be.

Parenting is a role that nothing prepares you for and its hard to know where to turn when things get tough with it. On Wednesday 9th September I'm hosting the first Powerful Parenting workshop at the beautiful Juno in Leyton, a new women-centred wellness retreat in the heart of East London. I will help you uncover your own inner wisdom to navigate your parenting issues and enable you become a better parent and person in the future.

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