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My Biggest Motivator In Reparenting

(Me age 6)

I grew up in a household that made every decision by whether it was good for the planet. Every weekend was spent on allotments with my hands in the soil and I knew about permaculture and climate change way before any of my peers. 

It’s not surprising then that the biggest motivator in my Reparenting work is about tending to planet earth.

I see the global crises we’re facing as a wake up call to humanity. The oceans and forests and animals are now showing us how we have for a long time been mistreating them and also one another.

I believe if we can learn to nurture ourselves more, then we will start to take better care of each other and the planet.

With Reparenting we can break free of the pattern of conditional love that so many of us were raised with. When love is removed when we don't behave or look the way we are expected to, we chase external validation and become disconnected from ourselves. Then we feel more disconnected from the land that holds us.

> I use Reparenting to unlearn these patterns to cultivate more self-love and acceptance.

> I use Reparenting to get better at recognising and validating our own feelings and needs. 

> I use Reparenting to become more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves, those around us and the earth itself.

As we heal, so does the planet. There is no separation between any of us. We are nature and nature needs us to come back into a better relationship with ourselves and it.

I'm passionate about Reparenting not only because it makes us better humans but it creates a pathway towards a more sustainable and compassionate world.

One of the ways I do this is by helping people follow their natural rhythms, tending to themselves when its needed so they can grow from a place of flow. I'm opening up a handful of spots for female entrepreneurs for an intimate group container Flow Academy starting this September.  If you'd like to find out more click here.

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