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How Removing Our Limits Can Heal The World

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I made a decision last year to have less of a plan and act from my instincts. Although I'm a good planner and thrive on being organised at times I find it restrictive. We can't be spontaneous with a plan and live fully in the moment. So I decided to put my trust in life rather than needing to control it.

After all you can’t plan for a pandemic. You can’t plan for the black lives matter movement. Usually the things that move us the most happen when you let go and let life lead. When you follow its flow. 

This year has been about living with uncertainty. It’s been about shadows and transformation. It’s brought up big questions that demand big answers and one thing is for certain we can’t go back to the same old stories.  It’s impossible not to be moved by what’s happening in the black lives matter movement. What’s unravelling is a huge shift in our perception of one another. We are questioning the way we are and the way we need to be. I’m challenging myself and those I work with to see and clear away any prejudices and judgements we hold. Removing our blocks on a personal level has a profound impact on the collective. If the flutter of a butterfly’s wing has the power to shift the weather the other side of the world then imagine the power you hold. We all have limits in our lives and we all have the power to break through them. I'm running a new workshop on Thursday 9th July about breaking through the blocks and returning flow to stuck areas. Because for me flow is about discovering who we really are beneath the layers of conditioning and living our ultimate truth. It's about being the best versions of who we are. We will use powerful coaching techniques as well as journaling and meditation to reach your own inner wisdom and break through those areas that you’ve felt held back in. Find out more here

My belief is that every person in this world is equal and can reach their greatest potential but we each have a part to play to get us there.

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