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How Our Childhood Can Be Our Greatest Teacher

I’m fresh back from a two week holiday in the UK in which I fell deeply in love with this country. Travel has always been one of my main passions instilled in me by my father who has lived in so many far flung places. Yet adventure was always elsewhere, never close by.

A recent client session reminded me that one of the things that scared me most about becoming a parent was the idea that I would lose my freedom. I told myself the story that being a mum meant I couldn’t experience the same sense of adventure. Instead during our parental leave we climbed mountains and circumnavigated the globe with our daughter. She helped me unravel that limiting story and so many others since.

The stories we tell ourselves have such power over our destinies. Humans come into this world completely open, but through the years we pick up layers of conditioning. We all enter life completely attuned to what it is to be in flow. As we enter school years and adulthood we adopt and mutate to fit in with what our parents and peers believe. We squeeze into tighter versions of ourselves than we once were to gain approval and status.

Thats why children and our own childhoods are our greatest teachers as they help us uncover those blocks and (if we’re open to it) heal those aspects of ourselves. We have a lot to learn from the earliest versions of ourselves to discover what it means to be authentic and in flow. Think back to the things you loved as a child and brought you the most joy. How often do you do those things now or feel the same way?

When I was young I loved to draw and to write, yet unless it was necessary for work I would never indulge in those passions until my daughter came along. She's brought back my sense of fun and fine tuned what adventure really means. It doesn't have to be on the other side of the world, it can be right under your nose if you dare to tune into what lights you up and activate your flow.

Following your flow helps you discover the real you, the you that is trapped under layers of conditioning. It allows you to breathe with life, finding as much ease in the lows as the highs. Flow is effortless, endless and allows you to be truly free. All you need to do is listen deeply to your inner wisdom, lead from a place of inspiration and dare to be authentically you.

As I undertake a parenting coaching accreditation with Dr Shefali Tsabary I am leaning into my own inner child and asking her what she needs to heal. I am taking my clients through the journey of true self acceptance, inviting them to fall in love with themselves once more. As always my preferred vehicle is flow as it uses your hearts desires to navigate the path and brings excitement and fresh energy along the way.

If you’re a parent and interested in learning more about how to uncover your own blocks and empower yourself and your child check out my Powerful Parenting workshop on Wednesday 9th September here.

If you’re interested in learning more about flow I’ll be doing a deep dive coaching programme and course soon so get in touch to find out more.

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