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How Do You Create True Connection?

In our culture where being busy is a badge of honour, true connection is hard to come by. We juggle so much that often we forget to take time for ourselves. Then our loved ones suffer as we struggle to be fully present with them.

This is really magnified when you're a parent. The role of a mother especially has expanded in recent years while the support has diminished.

When my daughter was born I struggled to take time for myself. I yearned for freedom and experienced guilt for desiring time away from her. I fell into that cultural trap of believing that I had to self sacrifice be the best parent. Now I know that I'm the best parent (and coach, partner, friend, insert role here!) when I prioritise MYSELF. (I recently did a video on this here).

When we find time to do the things we love, to slow down and fill up our own cups, we feel more connected. That sense of aliveness and freedom triggers a devotion and love for those around us. Our children and loved ones thrive on that connection.

The woman embodies the archetype of the Ancient Greek goddess Hestia when she has a family. She becomes the fire that keeps them alive. If she doesn’t tend to her own fire - her passions and spirit - then the family’s fire also dies.

This is why I've created It Takes A Village- a donation based virtual and in person circle for mothers from all walks of life.

Open to expectant mothers, mothers to children young and old, step mothers, mothers who have lost children (born or unborn), mothers with babes in arms and women who yearn to be mothers. This is a space for women at this stage of their journey where they can be met exactly as they are.

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