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How Do You Create Success & Stay In Flow?

That's the question I've been asking for over a decade. When I set up my first company at 25, the most appealing aspect was to have the freedom to structure my life on my own terms. But what quickly ended up happening was me creating patterns of overworking, self-sacrificing and extreme busyness.

This mirrored the patterns I saw in my parents as a child, two young doctors trying to prove themselves in their new careers. And I still see it in my extended family at times as I shared in the last post, as it didn’t start with them.

As children we are in the limbic brain, with theta brainwaves (the same as hypnosis) so the experiences we have in childhood or the things we are told become our subconscious programming. Whatever is familiar, we easily recreate as adults.

It's also part of our culture. As a society we believe we must sacrifice our own needs in order to be successful. Sadly millions don't even question this and end up in toxic patterns or in careers they despise.

While it could have easily remained unconscious for me, after dancing with burnout a couple of times, I realised it was being driven by my own mindset.

I believed that I had to prove my worth through my business, at any cost. Once I became conscious of this, it started to break.

How did that happen? I used the power of my mind together with the wisdom of my body.

I followed what FELT good, rather than what I SHOULD do, which meant attuning to my body and my intuition deeply.

I became conscious of what I was telling myself and reversed it, choosing actions that proved a new story to be true.

Now I work a tenth of the hours and earn more than I did then. What allowed me to do that was putting my needs above my business at all times.

I started listening to myself, rather than my conditioning.

These are the keys to staying in flow. Flow is about that sweet balance between doing and being, between action and intuition and marrying your masculine with your feminine. When you are in flow, you go beyond your conditioning and create wonderful things easily and effortlessly.

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