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How Coincidences Hold The Keys To Your Expansion

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

What if every encounter in your life had meaning? What if there is no coincidences only clues? We live our lives like they are full of chance and random events but there is a deeper mystery if we dare to tune into it.

Since becoming a coach three years ago I’ve been chasing synchronicities. They were an integral part of me becoming a coach as I wrote about on my blog at the time (click here to read.)

Synchronicities like coincidences are events that feel significantly related but we can’t prove how. You think of someone and they call. You dream of something and it happens. You keep hearing the same thing over and over. They are always there but we often miss the messages.

Recently synchronicities led me to reading The Celestine Prophecy for the third time (it was the first spiritual book I read when I was only 16). I saw at a friend's house and vividly recalled the impact it had on me and then one of my clients mentioned it in a session. Whenever two events happen that feel related l act on them. From reading it I could identify the control dramas that are already starting to form in my daughter and began to help my clients identify theirs.

A control drama is a behavioural pattern we pick up in childhood to seek attention when our energy is low. Such as picking faults in everything, playing the victim or withdrawing and pretending we don’t care. Once we become aware of them they hold less power as we can call them out when in action.

My new perspective as a mother and as a coach allowed me to gain more clarity on these dramas as well as my life purpose. In this way the synchronicity helped me to grow and discover more of who I am and help those around me do the same.

In my next event I’m helping you uncover your own synchronicities, because they are the signs pointing you in the direction of endless flow. When we follow them we find everything falling into place. Synchronicities help us to trust in life and cut out the noise. They are a gateway to the infinite wisdom that resides all around us. Tuning into them plugs us into our flow state which allows us to become the best versions of who we are, tapping into our ultimate potential and becoming unafraid to live in our full power.

If you want to learn how to spot the signs and read their messages, guiding you back into flow and towards your highest potential then sign up to my Endless Flow virtual workshop here.

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