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How Becoming A Coach Transformed Everything

Radical changes happened when I committed to becoming a coach. I learnt how to slow down and hear the whispers of my intuition.

I had a bicycle accident which I now recognise as a divine intervention and let go of a successful company to go full time very quickly. Everyone around me thought I was crazy but there were so many signs that I had to jump. Hear the full story in this video.

I learnt the concept of Slow Down To Speed Up from Mindful Talent coaching academy and paused to reflect before every decision. This saved me both time and heartache, as well as connected me to the magic all around me.

It was one of the first times I realised that life is always conspiring to help us expand, if we can simply get out of the way.

Yet even now I’m still resistant to the invitation to slow down. I hear my mind arguing with the wisdom of my body pushing me to keep going.

The pandemic and our reaction to it has shown that we all are resistant to slowing down. We all push ourselves too much, and usually only notice when it's too late.

Yet I always find when I do slow down and clear space, I level up.

When I get slow, I get clear.

When I get clear, I get in flow.

When I get in flow, I step into my power and transform.

Right now the pandemic is forcing to slow down, which means we can also collectively level up. If we can embrace the space, we will realise it’s in the stillness that the magic happens.

The greatest gift of training to be a coach wasn’t only to slow down, but to love myself in a way I couldn’t imagine (I dive more info this in this video). When I have more love for myself, I have more love for everyone and everything around me.

We are on a collective journey right now, one that begins by slowing down and going within. From there we can find more love for ourselves and one another, and then the world will transform.

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