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How To Create Structure With Freedom To Flow

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

When clients come to me feeling out of balance I help them create an energy wheel - a holistic vision to get accountable with yourself but still have the freedom and flexibility to flow. (To create your own see below for a rundown.)

When I set up my own company at the age of 25 work-life balance meant giving it my all and at times paying the price. I'd feel guilty for not doing enough, but there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. The same imbalance happened when I became a mother and in every major transition in my life.

Now I focus on cultivating FLOW, which operates in non-linear time. This means following what makes me feel good with the aim of enjoying every aspect of my life through honouring both my intuition and boundaries.

This exercise doesn't work with time but energy. It also isn't a schedule as I believe any strict routine will eventually bring up resistance. At some point our natural and spontaneous rhythms steer us away from being fully present. We fear that letting go of the routine and structure means we won't be productive. Yet intuition only rises up when we let things go and find FLOW. Our intuition knows how to save us time and make us more productive if we only create the space to listen.

To create your own energy wheel grab a journal and answer the prompts below.

1. Where are you putting your energy in your life right now? What are your priorities? Use the example

2. Once you have a solid list, mark as a percentage how much energy you are giving each at the present moment. For example social life is getting 10%, work is 40%, etc. Remember this is ENERGY and not time so consider not just your actions but also your thought processes.

3. Now create a vision for how much energy you'd like to be spending in each area. Mark as a percentage again how much energy you want each category to get. What is your ultimate vision for yourself? What would feel balanced and energising?

4. Check in with yourself. Does this new vision make you feel more energised? If not what do you need to do to make it come alive?

5. Once your wheel is finalised draw it as a visual representation. Use the example image above for help and download a template here. Make it as beautiful as possible as you need to be looking at this regularly.

6. Check in with this visual every day to see where you want and need to be focusing your energy. I suggest using it as a screensaver on your phone or pinning it inside your wardrobe or on the fridge. Use it when you feel out of balance to identify what isn't getting enough energy. Allow it to become your personal accountability buddy to elevate your energy and get into flow every single day.

*Any questions hit me up - I'm always happy to answer them and dig beneath the surface.*

Disclaimer - Doing this work can often bring limiting belief systems to the surface. Witness where 'should' creeps in when you're doing this as that is an indicator of conditioning and obligation rather than desire. Allow this exercise to break down your barriers. We truly can be anyone we choose to be. Life is a dance and when we learn to play with it, we become a master of our journey. We each have our own energetic imprint and it is possible to reach our full potential AND experience joy along the way.

My next virtual workshop on tools to Live In Full Flow is on Tuesday 2nd March guiding you to create the life you want and enjoy the process every step of the way. Tickets start at £5 which you can purchase here.

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