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Do you feel like you're always busy?

Why is it sometimes so hard to take a break and rest?

So many of us nowadays are addicted to busyness and stress. So many of us have been conditioned to believe that in order to be successful we have to work really hard.

This is something I’ve spent years Reparenting myself and my clients on.

When my eldest daughter started school 3 years ago I decided to work as little as possible over the summer holiday. I made this decision firstly because I value my role as a mother and know that times where our kids want time with us are so fleeting.

But what I also found out was that when I take time to rest and slow down in my business I feel more inspired and creative. I feel more FLOW. 

The first year was hard as I was still addicted to busyness. I didn’t arrange for enough time for myself and also didn’t strategise my financial income properly. But with every year that has passed I’ve found a better balance working roughly one day a week and travelling the rest of the time and focusing on spending quality time together. 

For our nervous system to be healthy we must alternate between an active ‘on’ mode and a rest and digest mode. I see this as a truth for all aspects of our life, especially for our careers to thrive. 

Some of my best ideas come to me when I have stepped back from my business to see the bigger picture. When I come back to working more at the end of these periods I feel renewed and excited. 

Often we believe we can't slow down because we will lose out elsewhere, financially or otherwise. However I have seen that my finances have benefitted from this decision as they are governed by the same rule. 

When you take time to recharge, you are more productive, efficient and have more clarity.

You attract more effortlessly. 

When you flow, everything flows to you. 

Sometimes if we don’t take this time to rest, the cycle plays out anyway. Life has a wonderful way of delivering you the quieter moments even if you don’t want them, simply because you need them. 

I talk about this a lot in the Reparenting podcast especially in the EP7 Reparent your masculine energy and also EP5 on Reparenting busyness and learning how to rest. Reparenting is such a powerful tool to update and overwrite outdated stories that we hold both within ourselves and in society. Click here to listen on Apple or Spotify

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