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Can You Accept Your Life And Stop Trying To Control It?

2020 was nothing short of a rollercoaster and as we move into this year we are still experiencing the after effects. I’m fascinated by numerology and take comfort in the knowledge that 2020 was a number 4 year (simply add the numbers of the year together to work it out).

The 4 represents a year where we may have to sacrifice freedom and enjoyment to produce a successful outcome. The good news is that 2021 is a 5 which represents a journey of freedom, change, adventure and new experiences, as well as learning from our mistakes.

As well as a collective year we also have a personal year number (found by adding your date and month of birth to the current collective year number, or to make it simpler head here.) For me 2020 was a number 8 which represents self empowerment and mastery of my dreams.

It's true that despite the turbulence of last year my power has grown immensely on the surface level and yet I’ve learnt it really means being comfortable to be myself. I feel more authentic in all my relationships. As a mother, with my family, with strangers and most importantly, with myself. I've been studying the conscious parenting coaching model under Dr Shefali and this deep inner child work has helped me to parent myself and develop a profound self acceptance. I can more clearly than ever that we’re all wounded inner children walking around in adult bodies waiting to become whole. This has shifted my internal world enormously and enabled me to help my clients understand who we really are.

But the surprising bit is I’ve done it through chasing flow. That means I’ve done it without the struggle and the headache that we often associate with stepping into our power. I've leant on my intuition and the natural flow that exists in my life to pull me into rhythm with myself.

That doesn’t mean 2020 has been easy - it has brought many more challenges than most years. But I’ve learnt to surrender to the process and trust that life has a plan for me. I’ve learnt to show up and be grateful even when life doesn’t look the way I want it to.

We are living in crazy times but perhaps they are here to teach us how to live in uncertainty. Perhaps it’s through the darkness that we will discover our collective power.

I’ve had many clients show up this week keen to make major changes to their lives in the hope of regaining some form of control. But the truth is the only thing we can change is our internal world, the rest is always in flux. When we are at peace with ourselves fully on the inside, we won’t be shaken by what happens on the outside.

So I invite you to step into flow and embrace your own power right now.

Can you accept your life and stop trying to control it?

Can you put full faith in your life regardless of its content?

My Live Fully In Flow immersive teaches you how to do exactly that. It starts 18th January and there's only a few spots left including one free place to be won. Head here to find out more.

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