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Breaking Your Patterns Helps Everyone Break Free

I believe I wouldn’t be a parent had I not become a coach. I had a strong limiting mindset (uncovered in my ayahuaska journey) that I couldn’t be in my full power in my career AND have a family.

I spent years feeling out of alignment running my company in the music industry and telling myself that I should be grateful for what I had. The truth is I was terrified of making the change, just as I was terrified of being a parent.

Perhaps this mindset came from my direct experience (parents who broke up due to different visions of how to raise a family), ancestral (grandmothers who were frustrated at being unable to work) or societal (you must sacrifice in order to be a mother).

Regardless once I faced my fear and transitioned to being a coach full time my fears of being a mother diminished. My yearning to fall pregnant accelerated and I started seeing my daughter in visions and dreams. (I also fell pregnant instantly despite being told by a doctor I would face challenges which isn’t surprising when you know the power of the mind over the body.)

Inherited family trauma is now being proved in the field of epigenetics, where studies show the trauma of Holocaust survivors and babies born around the 9/11 disaster carry the high levels of cortisol in their body for at least the next 2-3 generations. The good news is once you do the work to release your own trauma, you also release it in the whole ancestral line. I recommend reading this book to learn more about this.

After studying with Dr Shefali in 2020 I have helped my clients to overcome ancestral patterns like these, to become unstuck from long held blocks and reparent themselves (embodying their ideal parental vision for themselves).

Nowhere is this easier than when you are a parent. If you able to slow down and hold up the mirror, you see that all the struggles they raise are opportunities for you to evolve and become a greater version of yourself.

That’s why I created my new programme Raising Parents. Becoming a parent is a continual spiritual journey that helps break down old patterns and invites you to step into your full power.

I believe that we can change the world through our relationship with our children, for when we allow them to teach us as much as we teach them, we reshape not only ourselves but the next generation.

Raising Parents is a five week group coaching programme designed to support parents on their journey to becoming who they were always meant to be and create the change we wish to see in the world.

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