Melissa Maouris intuitive coaching focuses on helping her clients find flow so they can create the life they want with ease and grace. She helps people see their true essence and learn to trust and accept themselves deeply. Her background in the music industry supporting world famous artists in their careers aligns her to impactful and free-spirited souls. While her work with the UN Women charity leans her towards female empowerment, leadership and social equality. 


Now a lead mentor on Mindful Talent‘s advanced coaching course since she trained with them, Melissa possesses a deep knowledge and experience of what it means to be a coach. She holds regular workshops and has spoken for Wilderness festival, Stylist magazine, Eventbrite and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. 


Melissa has trained under Dr Shefali Tsabury on her conscious parenting coaching course and been mentored by best selling author and global speaker Neale Donald Walsh. Her holistic approach is deeply mystical and rooted in ancient spiritual concepts while remaining modern and grounded in its delivery. Her personal and business programmes are popular with successful creatives, forward thinking business minds and anyone that craves clarity and meaning in their lives. 



Melissa accompanied me on a journey this year that has blossomed into personally the happiest I've ever been. The powerful combination of her presence, unique & undeniable wisdom, a relatable background in the music industry, her ability to listen & read between the lines, her compassionate understanding, along with her intuition and various exercises, gave me awakenings and revelations each session without fail.  In our first session alone, we addressed career, relationships, self-love, family, spirituality and creativity - straight into the juicy stuff. Melissa is such an incredibly gifted coach, one whose work I am beyond grateful for. Our connection became a real anchor for me this year."

Sophie James, Wellness Entrepreneur

“Working with Melissa has been really special. An intuitive journey to explore, recognise and let go of what's been holding me back. It has left me happier, more connected to myself and focused on what I really want. When I started working with Melissa, my small business was flourishing. Becoming more visible and personal in my work is the key to helping others create change, but in my personal life, I'd built up barriers, leftover from a really tough time. Being open and honest was not easy and this was holding me back in all areas of my life. Each session with her was challenging, and often hard - but always kind. I'd leave feeling lighter, and having learnt, or shifted, something about myself. Melissa has helped me to lean into my fears, and it feels bloody wonderful. I would highly recommend.”

Briony Pete, Sustainable Development Expert

"I remember my first coaching session with Melissa very well. I was back from a long stint travelling, attempting to start a new business and had zero confidence or self belief. Melissa quickly helped me unpick the blocks and limiting beliefs I had that were getting in my own way, things I didn’t even realise were there! When I look back, it’s quite incredible how far I’ve come in such a short space of time. I love working with Melissa, she’s a fantastic coach, she works intuitively and her sessions always flow where they need to. She always makes me feel so at ease talking about anything that comes up, and it always surprises me what does come up!"

Brenna Duncan, Photographer


I thrive on getting beneath the surface of who we are and working with people to help them become the best versions of themselves.  
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