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How To Get Back In Flow In The Wake Of A Crisis

I wrote this piece about the experiment on trust and manifestation I have been doing and some new events a week ago. Then the world turned upside down with the news of COVID-19.

At first I thought I would start afresh but then I realised this topic is needed now than ever before. We find ourselves in strange times. Everything we took for certain is no longer and a huge reset button has been pressed on our current reality.

Have you ever experienced a burnout? When I ran my business in the music industry I nearly did many times. I had a mindset that in order to be successful I needed to give it my all and that usually meant sacrificing my own personal needs.

What if this is our collective burnout? What if we’ve run out of energy to feed the pace and the mindsets we are currently operating in?

When I trained to be a coach I hoped that I could master a new mindset that meant life would always be easy and in flow. That I could let go of the busyness and the pressure that seemed to chase me. I learnt quickly that that takes work. Even now I still feel the niggle of not getting enough done. But now I recognise this is fed by my own expectations and the prevalent narrative of not being good enough. When I remind myself of that it’s a lot easier to let it go.

This year I wanted to master a new mindset around this once and for all so I set myself an experiment. I threw out the word ‘should’ and started to follow my gut on all my decisions. Rather than following my to do list, I did what I felt like doing at the time and I trusted that everything else would fall into place.

Instantly everything felt different. By remembering how to find enjoyment in every moment I finally felt present with myself. Then something incredible happened. Synchronicities started to play out everywhere. I would think of someone and they would call. I would need something and it would fall in my lap. I would go in the wrong direction and end up exactly where I was meant to be.

You see the thing with manifestation is that you have to trust and be inspired for it to happen. Life won’t deliver what you really desire if you’re under pressure and trying to control it. It will take that as a sign you’re not ready for it yet. If you’re in flow and alignment then you’re wide open for receiving more good stuff.

What would happen if we could all let go of trying to control our lives? What if this experience could teach us how to trust in life’s magic?

Now more than ever we are being asked what we believe to be true about ourselves. What I believe is that everything happens for a reason. That life happens FOR US, not TO US and that this experience is asking for us to grow collectively as one race. To learn what life is really all about. As the earth heals, so shall we.

I've released some free meditations over on the events and courses page to help with grounding and letting go. Plus a series of videos on my insta profile and stories on releasing anxiety and staying present.

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